Product Catalogs

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Pallet racking: pallet racking and mobile base

Surface treatments of high quality and durability, ensuring better product preservation.



Its main feature is the huge storage space use, reaching 85% of the available area.


Dynamic shelves

Esnova’s dynamic racks are the ideal solution for the storage of all types of products, light, medium and heavy loads, palletized loads and large-sized loads. Discover the advantages of the dynamic storage system for pallets.


Satellite Cart Storage Systems

The main feature of our Satellite Car System is to facilitate and streamline the loading and unloading of merchandise, without the need for the trucks to access the storage channels.


Rack Clad Buildings

These buildings are the best solution for the storage in height.


Automated storage systems

Automated warehouses make warehouse logistics easier. Learn about automated storage systems for crates and pallets.



Shelves designed to store long or big volume loading units. The cantilever arms are bolted or welded to the frame profiles.


Multi-tier shelving

The shelves with raised floorsallow to take advantage of the space increasing the capacity of storage, arriving even to triple the space.


All solutions to order and manage offices, warehouses and workshops.

Esnova has the most advanced design and manufacturing technology on the market.

Wide Span Shelving

Storage system for manual loading suitable to store all types of products.
Customized configuration by adding frames and levels.


Boltless shelving system Riveto

Boltless shelving for manual loading. Great strength and stability. Easy assembly.


Slotted Angle Shelving

Modular and expandable.

It fits all needs.

Pre-galvanized steel finish with high strength and durability.


Coil Cladders

The coil cladders are a perfect option for optimizing the space in the warehouse of coils, having the visual control of the stock available at all times.