Rack-Clad Storage System

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    Self-supporting structures for warehouses

    Storage system designed for the compact storage of a large number of loading units.

    The roof and the perimeter enclosures are added to the metal shelve structure forming altogether the building itself without the need for civil works, this means, that in addition to serving for the storage itself, the metal shelves are the support of the building, avoiding the construction of a warehouse specifically designed for this purpose.

    This feature implies an important saving since it means a smaller investment.

    This type of self-supporting warehouse provides a high loading capacity and it is the optimum solution if you need to store at high altitudes, reaching more than 30 m. It is fully compatible with both a manually operated forklift system and automated systems and it can work perfectly in cold ambiances, such as freezing chambers.

    The components that make up our self-supporting warehouses are made of the highest quality steel and are subject to tests in our test laboratory, which certifies their validity for this type of storage solution.

    • Our engineers, due to the role that the shelves play in the configuration of the building, study each installation carrying out resistance calculations both for the loads to be supported and their performance against atmospheric agents such as wind, snow or seismic forces.
    • Consult our large installations catalogue to find out more about the structures involved in these self-supporting warehouses.

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