Shuttle cart racking system

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Shuttle racking: racks with shuttle rails

In depth load Automated Storage System

  • Accuracy and speed. Reduced working times compared to a conventional compact system.
  • High storage density.
  • It avoids collisions caused by forklift trucks and accidental trapping of people, thanks to its sensors and its remote handling.
  • It allows the storage by accumulation of different references per lane.
  • Compatible with different types of pallets.
  • Easy handling.
  • The main feature of our Shuttle cart system is to facilitate and dynamize the loading and unloading of goods, without the need for the forklifts to access the storage lanes.
  • The shuttle cart circulates along rails, which allows an independent selection between entry and exit pallets, something that gives a more efficient warehouse management.
  • The forklift deposits the loads from outside the rack on the shuttle cart, which moves the pallet to the nearest available position.
  • It is limited up to 1500kg. weight. Variable speed load lifting and weighing system.
  • No impacts or sudden accelerations of the pallets.
  • High-performance Lithium-Ion battery. Movement control by means of laser sensors and photocells.

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