Pallet racking: pallet racking

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    Palletised racking, conventional system

    Ideal system for the storage of palletised loads of multiple references.

    Within the racking systems, this is the most universal and versatile thanks to a wide range of products and accessories that facilitate the storage of all types of goods, while adapting to any model of forklift truck.

    This system is characterised by being selective, i.e. it allows immediate access to all unit loads, which facilitates warehouse stock controls (each gap in the racking is a pallet).

    The conventional pallet racking adapts to the different storage needs, which allows to have double deep racks and allowing passageways through the same one, etc.

    • Pallet racking Suitable to store loads with multiple references, thus allowing the storage of pallets with different sizes, containers, drums, etc.
    • Assembly is quick and simple Since it is composed of bays, its assembly is quick and simple, as it is the replacement of parts and all types of extensions.
    • This pallet racking has a large number of accessories Which notably improve the quality of the installation, its load capacity and its safety.

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