Shelves for medium and heavy loads

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    The configuration of these industrial shelves is based on frames made up of two uprights joined together by means of a series of profiles arranged horizontally and diagonally as bracings and bolted to the uprights. Once these frames are formed, they are joined together through beams that will support the shelves where the goods to be stored will be deposited.

    All the components are made of steel, either painted or pre-galvanized, and the shelves can be agglomerated, melamine agglomerated or metallic. The metallic shelves in turn can be configured by several metallic panels or by a single metallic shelf.

    It has 3 different types of beams, Z beams, Gran Milano beams and MV beams, each with its different models.

    • The main advantage offered by this shelving compared to conventional shelving for hand loading is its great strength, being able to support loads of up to 1,400 kg per shelf, depending on the type of beam and its dimensions, as well as the type of shelf.
    • The assembly is simple and quick, and the installation is anchored to the floor for its perfect stability. The shelves are adjustable in height every 25 mm.
    • The manual shelving has several accessories such as the safety pins to prevent the beams from accidentally leaving the uprights, the frame spacers for the perfect alignment of the different rows, and the crossmembers that serve to increase the loading capacity per pair of beams.

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