Drive-In pallet racking

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    Drive-in - Drive through system

    Storage system designed for deep storage of loads with the same reference.

    The installation consists of a series of lanes where the forklifts can enter and where there are rails at various heights on which the stored pallets are supported.

    This storage system admits high load density, turning out to be ideal to obtain the maximum yield/efficiency of the warehouse.

    We offer two options:

    • Drive In pallet racking: Entrance of the load at one end of the installation.
    • Drive Through pallet racking: Entrance of the load at both ends of the installation.
    • Its design allows to make the most of the height and space thanks to the notable reduction in working aisles compared to a conventional pallet rack installation.
    • This storage system is ideal for storing goods that are not perishable, as it is designed to accommodate a large number of pallets of the same reference.
    • The lanes have forklift truck guide rails for the perfect entry and exit of the forklifts, avoiding accidental hits that could damage the integrity of the installation.

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