Automatic Warehouses

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    Intelligent warehouses designed to manage high loading capacity with automated processes.

    Automated warehouses serve to optimize the storage management of thousands of pallets, making maximum use of storage space and avoiding the entry and exit of forklift trucks through the aisles of the facility, as the palletized goods are moved through the facility on satellite carts in a fully automated manner.

    Esnova Racks S.A. offers the market a high density AS/RS solution that allows, among other characteristics, up to 60% more capacity in automated warehouses than other systems on the market.

    Its success lies in the use of a very reduced number of aisles compared to other similar storage solutions. This system is made up of small AS and RS machines (satellite trolleys) which, working simultaneously, load the goods independently, controlled by a warehouse management software.

    Maintenance is simple and economical, and component failures have a minimal effect on the performance of the entire system.

    These warehouses can be:

    • Automatic warehouses for crates
    • Automatic warehouses for pallets

    All the information about storage products in our catalogue

    The main advantages of automatic warehouses are:

    • Maximum stock control.
    • Faster order preparation.
    • Greater efficiency in the management of incoming and outgoing goods.

    These advantages translate into greater savings, ensuring the optimization of all warehouse management processes.

    In our catalogue you will find complementary information on the large metal structures that these automatic warehouses entail.

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