Our corporate commitment to social responsibility

At Esnova we firmly believe that social responsibility is a fundamental part of our strategy. We work with a business model that reinforces our commitment to service excellence, fosters a culture of responsibility and generates a real, effective and transparent impact on society.

As a company committed to the positive development of our employees, customers and society, we collaborate with different initiatives that fit with Esnova’s values and ethics in the development of a fairer, more balanced society with greater opportunities for all.

Silver Sponsor for the Childhood Vaccination Alliance

Since 2008, the “la Caixa” Foundation, together with GAVI – The Vaccine Alliance, has been promoting child vaccination in low-income countries. An initiative that we at Esnova applaud and which we wanted to join as a silver sponsor of the Alliance for Child Vaccination.

The purpose of the program is to boost access to vaccines for children in the most disadvantaged areas. With this simple gesture, we will help transform the lives of people and the economic development of low-income populations. The impact of a vaccine begins with a reduction in disease, continues with improved learning, savings in health care, reduced burden on families, and ends with increased productivity and greater political and economic stability.

Since its foundation in 2000, Gavi – The Vaccine Alliance has achieved record numbers by preventing the premature deaths of 13 million children, thanks to 760 million vaccines administered.

With the support of all cooperating partners, we will be able to reduce infant mortality in the most disadvantaged populations of the world and, in turn, provide them with a key tool for their development: vaccination.

We are committed to the ethical management of Pondera Foundation.

The Pondera Foundation is a non-profit development cooperation NGO established in 2018 that aims to make Human Rights effective in the most vulnerable countries through ethical and efficient management in the health sector and in development cooperation.

All its actions are based on three pillars: efficiency to make communications and achievements direct, equity to promote egalitarian relationships, and compassion to move beyond empathy to action.

Thanks to the integrated management of hospitals and various development programs serving the most vulnerable sectors, they strengthen the work of the local management team and ensure that they can develop their work autonomously.

At Esnova we know that the human team is the strongest asset, but also the most vulnerable. For this reason, we are committed to containing and eradicating global threats as far as possible. The Pondera Foundation, under the umbrella of the Spanish Society of Health Managers, works in the efficient management of vulnerable territories with a mission, values and vision with which we feel aligned. We advocate working in an ethical manner to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, a task carried out by Fundación Pondera.

Supporting local grassroots sports

The Daniel Alonso Group was born with the aim of maintaining sustainability in the sector and betting on a non-polluting industrial paradise, something it has been doing for more than 50 years. A long trajectory that has led it to learn and improve every day under a committed company philosophy.

The group, committed to health and wellness, has been one of the key benefactors of Fundación Deporte Avilés (Fundavi) since its inception. Thanks to its agreements, three types of scholarships are offered, and support is given to the five clubs.

Among the objectives of the agreement is to strengthen and promote inclusive sports through various awareness-raising workshops and exhibitions of adapted multisports in schools. Financial grants are also awarded to the best sportsmen and women of this Asturian council, as well as meetings and conferences that promote sports among the population. Likewise, financial aid is given to teams from Avilés that participate in national meetings.

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