Racking for palletised loads

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    Industrial racks for palletised goods are storage systems designed to store goods on auxiliary elements or pallets.

    The standardization of procedures and processes that improve the efficiency of the resources used is becoming increasingly important. Above all, in an increasingly globalised and internationalised economy. This also affects the handling, transport and storage of goods.

    In this context, the auxiliary elements used in logistics and warehousing processes play a leading role.

    Pallet racking adapted to your needs

    The placement of goods on European pallets or other types (industrial pallets, half pallets, etc.) is a standard and enables the design of industrial racking and optimised storage systems.

    Industrial racking for palletised loads ranges from conventional metal shelving operated by manual handling equipment (forklifts) to complex solutions with fully automated storage systems. They are suitable for light or multi-ton load units and can be installed in dimensions and heights limited by handling equipment.

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