Cantilever shelving

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    Cantilever storage system

    The Cantilever metallic structures are formed by central columns where cantilevered arms are screwed to the columns to support the loads.

    With this storage system the long materials to be stored, in spite of their length, have several supporting points, reinforcing the stability of the load and avoiding unwanted displacements or curving’s of the loads.

    The central columns are joined together by means of a bracing system that provides the metallic structure with a great resistance.

    The arms can be placed at different heights adapting to the storage needs, and at its outermost end it can be placed a safety stop to prevent accidental falls of the load.

    The configuration of the arms can be done on one side of the central columns or on both sides, which provides greater versatility in warehouse management.

    Storage system designed for long or high-volume loads.

    Manufactured in steel and depending on the load to support we have two types of cantilever:

    • Light weight Cantilever
    • Heavy weight Cantilever

    Cantilever racks

    • Ideal for storing wooden slats, panels, tubes of any material, profiles, etc.

    Lightweight Cantilever

    • Formed by screwed profiles that facilitate its transport and handling, achieving a rigid, stable and modular structure ideal for the storage of long loads.

    Heavy Cantilever

    • Designed to support heavy loads.
    • The assembly is simple and fast.

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