Industrial storage systems

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The storage solution that you need

  • Storage solutions adjusted to your needs
    We know that each company has different types of needs for the proper storage of goods. In Esnova we have several storage systems adapted to each type of unit load.
  • Optimization of the space in your warehouse Keeping track of stock is essential for day-to-day management in a warehouse. We offer an advanced system for the handling of goods, optimizing the available space.
  • Innovation and quality in our products: Our R & D team is responsible for developing new products that meet the needs of the industry and constantly improve the quality of all our services.

Discover our storage systems in logistics

Racking for palletized loads

Industrial racks for palletized loads are storage systems designed for the storage of goods on auxiliary elements or pallets.

Cantilever racking

The cantilever racks are a system designed for the storage of long loads of different lengths, adaptable to weights and measures.

Hand loading shelving

These shelves include those storage systems in which loading and unloading operations are carried out manually without the use of lifting equipment.

Automated Warehouses

Automated warehouses serve to optimise the storage management of thousands of pallets, making maximum use of storage space and avoiding the entry and exit of forklift trucks through the aisles of the facility.

Other storage systems

Due to the diversity of types of goods to be stored, there are other storage systems out of the so-called conventional systems.

Industrial storage for all types of warehouses

A wide variety of shelves for industrial storage

The day-to-day running of a warehouse is not easy, and it is inevitable that problems or operational issues arise that require a quick response. To recognise these situations and, above all, to know how to resolve them is essential for the perfect functioning of a storage facility. From this perspective is where the warehouse, as a fundamental link in the chain, becomes a key strategic piece for business competitiveness.

We are witnessing a substantial change in warehouse management. We have gone from the time when “the bigger, the better” was the fundamental principle, to a time when the excess of goods in the warehouse is a burden in terms of economic, physical and human resources, thus limiting the growth and competitiveness of the company. For this reason, more and more companies are devoting a great deal of effort to the implementation of processes and technologies that optimise the space and resources available in the plant.

Industrial metal shelving for the storage of all types of products. Light, medium and heavy loads, palletized loads, large loads…

We develop and manufacture innovative products to meet the storage needs of our customers.

Riveto shelving, conventional pallet racking, deep pallet racking, Cantilever, self-supporting and automatic warehouses, mezzanines. All of them make up a wide range of storage solutions that together with the advice of our technical and commercial team will solve your storage problems with quality, security and lower cost.