Picking Pack Light Racking with Wire Mesh Shelves

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    Esnova’s Picking Pack Light Racking with Wire Mesh Shelving represents the ideal solution for manual load storage. This innovative system is distinguished by its highly customizable configuration, designed to suit specific storage needs. Offering exceptional versatility, this Picking Pack shelving provides an adaptable and efficient answer to organizing a wide range of items.

    Key Features

    This rack is distinguished by its boltless mounting system, which speeds installation. Its robust and durable wire mesh shelves allow a load of up to 160 kg per level, ensuring solid storage capacity. This versatile solution adapts to a variety of storage needs, offering efficiency and strength in industrial and commercial environments of all types.

    Heavy Duty Wire Mesh Racks

    Esnova Picking Pack Light Racking’s wire mesh shelving stands out for its exceptional strength and durability. Designed with high quality materials, these shelves guarantee a long service life and can withstand heavy loads without being easily deformed or damaged. The sturdiness of the lightweight shelving ensures the safety and stability of the stored objects.

    In addition, the screwless assembly feature significantly speeds up the assembly process. The Picking Pack shelving is quick and easy to set up, without the need for complex tools. This ease of assembly not only saves time, but also allows for hassle-free installation, providing a practical and efficient storage solution.

    The combination of high durability and metal mesh allows excellent visibility of stored items. This visibility facilitates quick identification of items, helping to maintain an organized and optimized inventory in any storage environment.

    In summary, wire mesh shelving’s superior strength, boltless mounting and visibility offer a robust, practical, and highly functional storage solution for a variety of storage needs.

    Benefits of wire mesh in terms of durability and visibility of stored objects

    The integrated wire mesh of this lightweight shelving offers several significant benefits that make it stand out as an optimal choice for a variety of storage applications. Its versatility and durability are essential to ensure efficient and organized storage in multiple environments.

    The versatility of use of the wire mesh is exceptional, allowing it to be applied in multiple contexts, including warehouses, kitchens, garages, and offices.

    Its ability to provide adequate ventilation around stored items is another key point. It is essential for products that require ventilation, such as foodstuffs or items that could be affected by damp conditions. In addition, its design allows for easy cleaning, as it does not easily accumulate dust and dirt, ensuring quick and efficient maintenance in the storage area.

    The light weight of the shelving, which is essential to make installation and transport easy, and its resistance to humidity, which makes this shelving an exceptional option for humid environments or those located near water sources, make our Picking Pack shelving an option to be taken into account


    Esnova wire mesh shelving components are distinguished by their exceptional quality and durability. Each element, from corner brackets to wire mesh shelves, is meticulously engineered and manufactured from premium quality materials. This dedication to quality ensures a robust, strong, and reliable rack capable of maintaining its structural integrity and optimum performance during prolonged use in a variety of storage applications.

    • Angle: Angle brackets are key elements to the rack structure, providing support and rigidity to the unit. Their angled design ensures the stability and strength necessary to maintain the integrity of the rack.
    • Beam: The beams are the horizontal pieces that connect the angles, forming the structural base of the rack. These components are essential to evenly distribute the load and ensure the strength of the entire structure.
    • Wire mesh shelving: Wire mesh shelves are key storage surfaces in the rack. Their wire mesh construction provides strength, durability and allows optimal visibility of stored items.
    • Fixing clamp: Fixing clips are fasteners used to secure intermediate shelves in the racking, providing a firm and stable joint between beams, angles, and shelves.
    • Plastic feet: Plastic feet are used to level and stabilize the rack on uneven surfaces. These components are essential to maintain the stability and balance of the unit.
    • Crossmember: Crossmembers are crossbars that reinforce the structure and provide additional support to the shelves. Their strategic placement increases the overall strength and stability of the shelving unit.


    The Esnova Picking Pack Light Racking with Wire Mesh Shelves options are available in three different configurations, differentiated by their dimensions: Picking Pack 3, Picking Pack 4, and Picking Pack 6.

    Each of these variants offers a front of 900 mm and a height of 1800 mm but are distinguished by their different depth dimensions: 300 mm for Picking Pack 3, 400 mm for Picking Pack 4 and 600 mm for Picking Pack 6. These variations allow the shelving to be adapted according to specific storage needs, providing options that optimize the available space and the arrangement of the stored objects. In addition, the angles, with no perforations on the front faces, provide a clean and uniform aesthetic, adding an attractive visual appearance to the functionality of the shelving.


    Our Picking Pack shelving is distinguished by its simple and quick assembly, without the need for screws. This feature allows for a quick and uncomplicated configuration, ensuring an efficient installation in a short time. The absence of screws not only simplifies the assembly process, but also guarantees a solid and stable structure once assembled.

    Each shelf level is designed to support up to a maximum of 160 kg of load, evenly distributed. This reliable and robust load capacity allows a variety of items to be stored safely and securely, while maintaining the structural integrity of the racking.

    In addition, Esnova offers a range of accessories specifically designed to complement the shelving, such as dividers and additional shelves. These accessories allow for greater customization and optimization of storage space, offering the flexibility to adapt to different types of objects and specific organizational needs. Thus, the shelving becomes a versatile and adaptable solution for a wide range of storage environments.

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    Compliance with regulations

    Picking Pack Racking is distinguished by its strict compliance with the most rigorous regulations and quality standards. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Esnova prioritizes quality in all the processes it develops. This dedication is reflected in its compliance with the recommendations of the European Federation of Materials Handling FEM/AEM, which sets standards for quality and safety in storage equipment.

    Esnova prides itself on meeting the highest quality standards and has several certifications and memberships to back up its commitment. The company holds certifications in quality management systems (ISO 9001), environmental management (ISO 14001) and occupational health and safety management (ISO 45001). It also has the UNE EN 1090 CE Marking certificate, ensuring that its products comply with the essential health and safety requirements established by the European Union.

    Membership of the European Federation of Materials Handling FEM/AEM not only underlines Esnova’s commitment to quality, but also demonstrates its involvement in promoting outstanding standards in the storage equipment industry. This membership reinforces its commitment to the safety, reliability, and quality of its products, assuring customers that the Picking Pack Light Racking with Wire Mesh Shelving complies with the most stringent regulations and offers solutions that meet the highest standards.

    Additional Information

    Delivery times

    Esnova is committed to providing quick and short lead times for our light racks. With a focus on customer satisfaction, the company has optimized its logistics and production processes to ensure that orders are handled in an efficient and timely manner. This allows customers to receive their Picking Pack shelving on short lead times, ensuring the rapid availability of reliable, quality storage solutions for their specific needs.

    Picking Pack Light Racking with Wire Mesh Shelves

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