Riveto screwless metal shelving

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    Screwless shelving

    Riveto shelving is designed for the manual storage of medium and light loads and, due to its versatility, it can be adapted to any desired configuration. It is made of steel and its surface finishes can be painted or pre-galvanized.

    One of the most typical and important characteristics of these shelves is the total absence of screws and welds; all its components are manufactured in a single piece, which gives it greater strength and durability at a lower cost.

    The beams and crossmembers that support the shelves are embedded in the perforated uprights, which makes the assembly of these metal shelves a very simple task, for which you will only need a rubber or nylon head hammer.

    The uprights are perforated along their entire length in order to facilitate the configuration of shelves to different types of warehouses or to what the user needs.

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    Riveto 1 shelving and Riveto 2 shelving

    Riveto 1 shelving is designed to support heavier loads, supporting between 200 and 1,000 Kg. per shelf, however, Riveto 2 shelving is designed to support lighter loads, between 70 and 500 Kg. per shelf. All this depends on the configuration in height, front and depth of the shelving and on the material of the shelves, which can be agglomerated, melamine agglomerated or metallic.

    There are many different applications for this storage systems, apart from the conventional shelves, as it is possible to configure working tables and workbenches, coil storage, shelving for tires, workshop trolleys and even bottle racks.

    The Riveto system has a lighter version, ideal for domestic use and designed for manual storage of light or very light loads. This version is called Riveto 1 Light and Riveto 2 Light and the only difference with the previous versions is that their components are thinner.

    The Riveto system can also be used to create two-tier storage structures, that is shelving floors connected by aisles accessed by a staircase, which allows the storage space to be doubled or even tripled in height.

    Riveto's automated guided vehicle (AGV) shelving

    Riveto’s automated guided vehicle (AGV) shelving combine the best of light duty storage systems and state-of-the-art technology.

    They are designed to allow AGVs to move around the warehouse autonomously and effectively, without the need for direct human intervention.

    Discover one of the best options to automate your warehouse.

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