Palletised racks with mobile base

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    Palle Racking with mobile bases

    • Storage system based on the use of mobile bases Consisting of single or double access racks placed on a mobile metal structure.
    • This makes possible the movement of the different runs independently This guarantees a free space needed to create a corridor/aisle and access the desired stored goods.

    Opening and security elements

    Mechanisms that facilitate the movement or stop of the different runs. They prevent the crushing or entrapment of people while the racks are moving.

    • Rack It is the storage system that is mounted on mobile bases. It is formed by conventional pallet racking, generally to support large loads.
    • Mobile bases Metallic structure where the necessary means are located to facilitate the movement of the racks. The racks are mounted on them.
    • Rails Metal profiles embedded in the floor on which the wheels of the mobile bases move.

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    • When the fundamental criterion to design a logistic solution is the reduction of space, rack on mobile bases is the most suitable option.
    • The adoption of a system with mobile bases allows the maximum compaction of the installation. They are a perfect alternative for refrigerated warehouses where the cost per cubic metre is very high.
    • The conventional racking on mobile bases has as its main objective to multiply the storage capacity, reduce the storage space (eliminating aisles) and maintain direct access to all the pallets.
    • The operation is simple, the racks are installed on mobile bases so that they can move sideways through rails fixed to the floor. In this way we eliminate unnecessary aisles, but we maintain direct and selective access to each of the stored load units. The selection of the aisle to access the load can be done manually or by remote control.
    • This system has an extraordinary capacity that allows to store a large number of references. It is compatible with other storage systems and picking systems at low levels. Finally, it provides security for both the goods and the operators.
    • One of the main advantages of a system that uses mobile bases, as opposed to a conventional pallet racking, is the greater use of the space due to the reduction in the number of aisles.
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