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Day to day in a warehouse is not easy, and problems or operational issues which require a fast response inevitably may arise. Recognize these situations, and above all, know how to solve them, is fundamental for a perfect performance of a storage facility. From this perspective is where the warehouse, as a key link of the chain, becomes a strategic piece for business competitiveness.

We are witnessing a substantial change in warehouse management. It had gone from the time when “the bigger, the better” was the basic principle to a time where the overstock merchandise at the storage is a ballast in terms of financial, physical and human resources, thus limiting the company growth and competitiveness.

This is the reason why companies increasingly devote huge efforts to the implementation of processes and technologies which optimize the space and resources available in the factory.

Industrial metal shelves for storing all kinds of products. Light, medium and heavy loads, pallet loads, large loads…

We develop and manufacture innovative products to meet the storage needs of our customers.

Riveto shelves, conventional pallet racks, pallet racks in depth, Cantilever, self-supporting and automated warehouses, mezzanines, modular safety guards, metallic containers… they make a wide range of storage solutions that, together with the advice of our technical and commercial team, will solve your storage problems with quality, security and lower cost.


Pallet Racking

Our high quality surface treatments guarantee a better product preservation.


Its main feature is the huge storage space use, reaching 85% of the available area.

Shuttle Cart

Accuracy and speed. Work time reduction compared to a conventional compact drive in system.


Shelves designed to store long or big volume loading units. The cantilever arms are bolted or welded to the frame profiles.


Wide Span Shelving

Storage system for manual loading suitable to store all types of products. Customized configuration by adding frames and levels.



Boltless shelving for manual loading. Great strength and stability. Easy assembly.

Slotted Angle Shelving

Modular and expandable. It fits all needs. Pre-galvanized steel finish with high strength and durability.

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