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Modular Guards

Modular Guards

Modular closing system.

This system is ideal for manufacturing machines perimeter closures, to create enclosed spaces in storage and maintenance areas, to incorporate safety accesses,..etc.

The system is based on different arrangements of adjustable modules, being designed to divide the space in specific areas.

Assembly is very easy and has two types of panels: opaque and mesh. These panels are perfectly interchangeable in a quick and easy way.

Being a modular system it is easily adapted to spaces with the need to be closed, and its alteration or possible add-ons are readily made.

The access to protected areas is performed by conventional or sliding doors and can be restricted by incorporating security mechanisms.

Modular Guards

They allow creating confined spaces in storage, maintenance areas, security accesses, etc.. It is ideal for machinery perimeter closures. There are special modules for welding areas.

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