We are manufacturers of industrial racking

A wide selection
of industrial shelves

Our extensive experience in the design and manufacture of storage systems, gives us the confidence and effort necessary to develop and manufacture innovative products that fully meet the storage needs of our customers:

A proposal adapted to all types of metal shelves

Esnova Racks S.A. is a manufacturer of industrial metal racking for the storage of all types of products: light, medium and heavy loads, palletised loads, large loads, large installations, etc.

We have a proven experience as a manufacturer of industrial racking both in the design, as in the calculation and manufacturing of different storage systems.

Our company stands out for offering a quality service, a wide range of products designed and manufactured with absolute dedication, and the respect and support of a faithful distribution network that every day manages to reach more parts of the world.

We have a guaranteed experience as manufacturers of industrial shelves

Our facilities exceed 46,600 m2 and are equipped with state-of-the-art technology. This gives us freedom when it comes to design, full autonomy when it comes to manufacturing and the maximum guarantee of quality.

All the raw materials we use, as well as the production processes we carry out, are manufactured and developed in the European Union under the most demanding quality standards, calculation codes, respect for the environment and occupational safety.

At Esnova Racks S.A. we have, among others, certificates such as: Quality Management System (ISO 9001), Environmental Management System (ISO 14001), Occupational Health and Safety Management System (ISO 45001) and Certificate EN 1090: CE Marking of metal structures for construction.

  • Storage solutions adapted to your needs

Each company has its own needs, so we have different storage systems adapted to each type of goods.

  • To optimise the space in your warehouse

To control the stock is essential when managing your warehouse, so we offer an advanced system for handling goods.

  • Innovation and quality in our products

We have an R & D team that is responsible for developing new products, meeting the needs of the market and constantly improving the quality of all our production processes.

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Industrial racking adapted to the needs of your warehouse

All our products make up a wide range of storage solutions that, together with the advice of our technical and commercial team, will solve your storage problems with quality and safety at the lowest possible cost.

We have the most flexible and advanced production systems such as laser cutting for steel parts, plasma cutting, robotic welding, punching, panelling, profiling, robotic paint chain, etc.

Custom Design for all types of industrial shelving

Constant innovation is one of the pillars on which the values that identify Esnova Racks S.A. are based and we are convinced that it is the only way for the growth of the company.

We have a Testing Laboratory where tests of load, resistance, buckling, etc. are carried out. All our products undergo a multitude of tests before being commercialized. Safety and our commitment to quality are the most important.

We are committed to safety in all our industrial shelves

Esnova Racks S.A. maintains a strong commitment to prioritize safety, not only in manufacturing processes but also incorporating products to keep it.

In the workplace several situations that may cause an accident interact. Machines, electrical or fire hazard, cargo handling, transport… are some of the risk factors that we must take into account to prevent damage to workers and facilities.

In this sense, we consider necessary that the storage systems we manufacture can have components exclusively dedicated to safety and therefore we have developed a range of specific defences to make it more secure, not just to keep the very integrity of the facilities, but also for the users safety.

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