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Since 1970 Esnova is specialized in the manufacturing of metal containers for the storage and transport of all kinds of products. Esnova has a significant experience in the design and manufacturing of folding and special containers for the automotive, gas and food industries among others.

Within the product range there are containers with different characteristics, all designed to offer different functions.

Containers for workshops, for long materials, manuracks, bottle cages, configure a wide range available to cover all needs.

· All containers are manufactured in steel.

· The handling is done by forklift or crane.

· Stackable containers.

· Folding containers.

· Available with front or removable doors.

Metallic Containers

Our Technical Office, along with our technological and manufacturing flexibility allows Esnova to find special solutions to any particular case, all of them with our performance guarantee within the parameters of the health and safety regulations

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