Beam UPZ76 or UPZ100

[list type=”arrow”][list_item]The Beam is called UPZ76 or UPZ100 depending on the beam height needed to support the loads in each project. [/list_item]

[list_item]It is an essential element designed to transmit to the uprights the loads supported by the floor in the Two tier shelving systems.[/list_item]

[list_item]The UPZ profile is a U reinforced profile perforated with 50 mm pitch in the core and  25 mm. pitch in the flanges. These perforations give great versatility to the profile, allowing it to connect with different elements depending on the needs on each installation.[/list_item][/list]

Thus, we recover a standard profile in this type of projects, but adding some improvements in loading capacity as well as optimizing the design and the amount of steel used in its manufacturing, adapted to comply with the different load requirements.

We are working to improve.

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